Salida Middle School Fact Sheet

Salida Middle School FACTS SHEET

Welcome to the '21-'22 school year. All students will have a full schedule and will have a variety of elective classes as well as a daily Advocacy period.  This period will be used for Social Emotional Learning and Executive Functioning instruction one day a week as well as intervention and extension activities the other three days of the week.  We will also have some field trips and activity days during this period in October and February.

Additional and detailed policy information can be found in the Student Code of Conduct.  All students will be reviewing this document in class as well



Most grade levels will NOT use hallway lockers.  Students will carry their materials to and from classes and can use the hallway hooks for coats, lunches, and outdoor clothing.  Please do NOT purchase a huge backpack for your student.  All that students will need to carry in their backpacks are notebooks, a Chromebook, a few personal items, writing utensils, and possibly a library book.  


You will find a supplies list in this packet as well.  PLEASE purchase and bring to school only what you need for the first few weeks of school.  School supply shopping is fun, but no one needs 300 pencils the first week of school.

Gym classes 

Students will use the locker rooms and all PE students will need to change during PE classes.  Students will be assigned a lock and locker.  The PE shirt is purchased as part of the gym uniform during registration and students can bring/use their own shorts, sweats, warm-ups and gym shoes to wear in class.  Kindly wash these items monthly.

Student Planner 

We will NOT have student planners this year.  All students and parents will need to sign off on the online STUDENT CODE of CONDUCT that will be reviewed online with all students during the first weeks of school.


Each student will be issued a Chromebook and soft case to use both at school and at home.  I encourage the use of school machines simply so that service and needed apps/updates are readily available to all students as some of our testing apps are school specific.  Please note that devices seriously damaged, lost or stolen will be the responsibility of the student/family.  

Cell Phones

Students cell phones need to be off, out of sight and kept in their backpacks while at school.  I will ask everyone to review the student Code of Conduct and handbook with your student(s). There is lots of good information in those documents too.

Infinite Campus

All students and parents should have access to “IC” so that grades and attendance can be monitored outside of school as well.  If you need a parent login for Infinite Campus, please ask so that you can stay updated on your students progress. 

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